Our EPC and O/M gives you complete control of your assets from a central location through an engineering control system that allows customers to integrate into your current control system through technology integration, or into a customer security system using Information Assurance (IA) risk management.
IIAN TECH is not limited to the supply of solar power plants for design, purchase and construction, but also provides a financially complex business model using project financing to maximize customer satisfaction through business analysis, consulting, and licensing support.


IIAN TECH has a team of Solar Consultants and experts with a combined experience of more than 500 MW of Solar Power Consultation. We provide support from the inception, through land acquisition, design, detailing, integrating and up to the commissioning as a turn-key solution. 
Project Consultancy includes services for Project Developers like:
  Market Research and pre-feasibility, Land identification and acquisition,  Subsidy and Financing facilitation, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) facilitation, Designing and Planning, Identification and Selection of EPC, Execution and O&M, Risk Management,  Corporate Energy Business Planning


Working effectively to ensure our customers' renewable energy needs is our primary goal. We take a collaborative approach to project financing and development. As an entrepreneur, we know how to help our clients manage project needs and requirements while also partnering with high-quality investors.  New ways to pay for solar projects, like power purchasing agreements (PPAs), mean that a solar project is well within your reach. With so many ways to finance your solar project, we see what works best for you

Water is very hot at 211º, however, by increasing the temperature by 1º, we can raise the temperature to 212º. This creates steam and steam provides enough power to run a locomotive. IIAN TECH is that 1º difference that takes your project from sitting on the tracks to moving towards results.


IIAN TECH supplies solar modules for power generation and modules for BIPV. Hower, IIAN TECH does not directly manufacture solar modules. We outsource high-efficiency solar modules from the world's leading companies.

100MW Kati, Mali
The people of Mali are industrious. We plan to build a solar power plant in Kati, Mali to contribute to national development by supplying insufficient electricity.
Luna, Philippines
We are planning to build 20MW in a new town called Luna, about 150km from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
Samarinda, Indonesia
150km from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. When the transmission line under construction is completed, it will begin construction in 2020.
Solar Home System (SHS)
We are working with Korean NGOs on overseas aid projects. It supplies SHS system, solar water pump, and solar village system.
Remote Telecom System
About 800,000 communications towers on Earth are powered by fuel generators. We are designing and installing the system to make this telecom tower work as a 24-hour hybrid system.
Hybrid Telecom, Rwanda
We have built a very special telecom tower energy supply system in Rwanda, Africa. This system is a hybrid system combined with AC, Solar, Diesel, and ESS.
It is difficult to supply electricity to the sea or river piers. We solved this problem with a standalone solar power system. The system we installed has been working fine for over 10 years without any breakdowns so far.
ISC (Iian Tech System Control)
We are developing and using essential parts ATS, AGS in hybrid systems. This system automatically and smartly switches power between AC and fuel generators, ESS, solar power systems, and wind power systems.
Groundwater Pumping System

African drinking water is the life of its inhabitants. Clean water is pumped into the solar power system to supply it to the residents.

Rooftop Solar power system

Many homes install solar power systems on their roofs. This saves a lot of electricity and eventually enriches your life. We can help you from A to Z.

Remote Monitoring

Most power plants and systems we have installed have remote monitoring systems. Monitoring systems are also very important for AS.

Social Responsibility

Our company always wants to contribute to society. That is why we want to participate in the activities of many NGOs.

Solar Farm

We develop several solar power plants around the world. We are more interested in countries that lack electricity, not just those that are rich in electricity.

Wind Power Plant

Wind generators are very efficient in windy areas. We work with several partners in a small wind power system. They are experts in this field.

Special System

We design and manufacture special systems according to customer needs. From typical solar street lights to marine systems, village systems, and military systems, contact us.


‌50 MW solar power plant , Indonesia


Paju, Korea